Kingstate Cart is Innovative Multipurpose Utility Cart Solves The Pain of Online Purchases & Porch Pirates

High Capacity for Package Delivery, Two Security Locks and Deliveries Sign

Amazing Shopping Cart 


The World's First Kingstate Cart is not only used for shopping, carrying, laundry, picnic, etc., but in addition to its general purpose, it also has an important function - delivery box, which makes online shopping more secure. When it's idle and/or expecting a delivery, simply lock it onto an outdoor fixture. Therefore, it becomes an important device that can effectively receive & protect the package. It will remove any unease or anxiety while you wait for your packages to be delivered.


Why we need this function?


25.9 million Americans (8%) have had holiday packages stolen from their front porch or doorstep

Insurance Quotes report in Nov 2017. Which is up from 23.5 million porch thefts reported in 2015. Package theft is more common than you may think, especially if you live in a rural area.


1 in 4 people have fallen victim to package theft, and half know someone who has

Comcast press release in Nov 15, 2018, among Millennials, that victim count jumps to 1 in 3, with 60% reporting that they know of someone who has had packagesstolen.


Being at home during the day doesn’t prevent package theft

Although most people opt to stay at home during the day to receive important packages, a story in Dec 14, 2018 USA Today article proves that porch pirates may be there to nab packages within minutes of arrival. Some have been known to follow delivery vehicles closely in order to snatch packages fresh off the truck.


The average value of stolen packages is $140

Ring report in 2018 found that 19% of a nationally representative sample of homeowners experienced package theft over the course of a year. 73% of homeowners say the carrier usually leaves the package on their front porch. Among those victims, the average loss was 2.6 packages.


The Kingstate Cart is affordable and versatile, making package delivery safer and benefiting your family


📫 MULTIPURPOSE: Innovative, special Kingstate Cart brings you an unprecedented variety use. Regardless of whether you have used a regular shopping cart before, you'll find that our Kingstate Cart has a very important use in addition to its general purpose and is incredibly used in today's popular online shopping.


✔️ WORRY-FREE ONLINE SHOPPING: The Kingstate Cart uses for online and offline shopping, bringing you unlimited shopping of fun and safety. It is one of the best affordable solutions to stop porch pirates and eliminate unnecessary anxiety caused by today's online shopping. It saves buyers and/or sellers the money and time caused by theft of packages.


📦 SPACIOUS: The Kingstate Cart has a super-capacity of 14.6 X 14.6 X 17.5 inches receptacle, it is more than 2 cubic feet and can accommodate more than one of 40 different sizes of Amazon boxes. The large capacity of the Kingstate Cart can be used to receive packages at your doorstep or can be taken outside and used for outings.


🔐 SECURE: The Kingstate Cart comes with a special securely lid with lock and a 47-inch cable lock to protect your Kingstate Cart and the items you buy online or offline. In particular, the package can be safely received to prevent the package from being stolen. You can also protect your belongings when used in a variety of other ways, including the Kingstate Cart itself.


👍 QUALITY: The Kingstate Cart is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, including two 360-degree rotating front wheels, two durable back wheels, a securely lid with lock, a 47-inch long cable for the Kingstate Cart security and an all-weather hangable delivery sign, making it a versatile cart. The Kingstate Cart is foldable and has easy-to-install. Bringing pleasure and peace of mind to your online/offline shopping experience.

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